Projects / Ensembles

Chris Cross and the Human Novelties

The need that created the desire.

Nothing less, nothing more. Desire for collaboration with friends, acquaintances, but also with musicians, painters, artists, poets, actors and dancers whom I did not know personally; people, for whom I felt at some point, that they do have something interesting to present and underline. Something which is depicted in their art, and which, according to my own aesthetic criteria, is beautiful, charming and useful.

Guests in the Chris Cross & the Human Novelties: Nikos Touliatos, Antonis Aniseggos, Nikos Kryonidis, Fred Longberg-Holm, Georges Paul, Babis Papadopoulos, Lakis Tzimkas, Makis Stefanidis, James Wylie, Nikos Kapilidis, Nikos Sidirokastritis.


Alto Saxophone, Clarinet, Vocals, Bells - Akira Sakata, Drums / Percussion - Christos Yermenoglou, Piano - Giovanni Di Domenico, Guitar - Giotis Damianidis

Papadimitriou / Yermenoglou

Piano - Sakis Papadimitriou, Drums / Percussion - Christos Yermenoglou


Guitar / Effects - Babis Papadopoulos, Drums / Percussion - Christos Yermenoglou

Plan 3

Guitar - Makis Stefanidis, Bass - Lakis Tzimkas, Drums / Percussion – Christos Yermenoglou

Act Up Trio

Drums / Percussion - Christos Yermenoglou, Guitar - Giotis Damianidis, Bass - Petros Damianidis

Mama Luma

Drums / Percussion - Christos Yermenoglou, Alto Saxophone - Pavlos Pavlidis, Electric Guitar / Tenor Saxophone - Haris Agoritsas

Orange Blue Green

Violoncello - Dimos Goudaroulis, Drums / Percussion - Christos Yermenoglou, Double Bass - Nectarios Karantzis

Taced Duo

Drums / Percussion - Christos Yermenoglou, Tenor & Baritone Saxophone / Double Bass - Georges Paul